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Our values are at the core of our business and embedded within our projects and championed by our colleagues. As part of our Values Insider Sessions, we asked our colleagues to interpret what the values mean to them in their field of work. Hear from our colleagues below!

What does Together mean to you?
Working together to achieve the best results resonates with us now more than ever. “As professionals of communication, we must set the standard to work together to achieve a social impact". Here's how Senior Consultant, Marta Castellani, defines her favourite Ecorys value; ‘Together’. Find out more

What does Integrity mean to you?
“Integrity to me is working with people like Salina Sultana, Project Manager. She has spent her whole life working to give her children a better future. She embodies our Integrity value, and I am proud to work alongside her.” Our colleague, Senior Consultant, Charis Reid, tells us all about what Ecorys’ ‘Integrity’ value means to her. Find out more

What does Entrepreneurial mean to you?
Senior Project Manager, Sara Southam, gives us an insight into what Ecorys’ ‘Entrepreneurial’ value means to her. “As a result of my work, it changed my idea of what a business, enterprise and entrepreneur can be! I’ve been focusing on Erasmus+ capacity building projects, which support knowledge and understanding of social enterprises and entrepreneurial skills for life.” Find out more

What does Caring mean to you?
“The Ecorys value that resonates with me the most is Caring as it inspires me to focus on the people that we can support on projects that we work on." Digital Communications Consultant, Paul Clarke, tells us why Ecorys’ ‘Caring’ value is important to him. Find out more

What does Leadership mean to you?
Digital Director, Ric McHale, explains how Ecorys’ ‘Leadership’ value reflects in his management style by giving us a breakdown of twelve great leader qualities. “I don’t profess to be a great leader, but I do aim to be effective in what I do and work each day to develop and support my staff wherever I can.” Find out more

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A day in the life at Ecorys

Hear from some of our colleagues about what it is like working at Ecorys

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